Business Objective

  • Create awareness of Pepperidge Farm’s sponsorship and support of Susan G. Komen Foundation for the prevention of breast cancer and encourage both Retailers and Consumers to support the cause.


  • Incorporate the SGK “Pink Ribbon” into a premium item that will appeal to the consumer target audience on her shopping trip at retail.

Marketing Approach & Solution

  • Mercury sourced a high-quality tote bag and developed a custom creative design featuring the SGK logo for consumers to use on their shopping trip.
    • Identified overseas factory to manufacture at lowest available cost and coordinated shipping/receiving of goods into Mercury warehouse.
  • Pepperidge Farm limited-edition tote bag was made available at participating retailers with mail-in proof of purchase on Pepperidge Farm Products, at no additional cost to consumer.
    • A portion of all sales proceeds were donated to Susan G. Komen Foundation.
  • Mercury Promotions Team developed legal rules for mail-in offer which was printed on all in-store communications.
  • Mercury Fulfillment Team received, entered and fulfilled all mail-in requests for free tote bag direct to consumer from Mercury warehouse.


  • Participating stores reported an increase in sales and 15,000 tote bags were redeemed by consumers.
  • Based on this success, the promotion has been repeated by Pepperidge Farm 5 years running, with additional retailer participation each year.